Hamburg Clock TowerEngineering Department Responsibilities

  • Provide reviews, approvals, inspections, permits, and other assistance associated with residential subdivision development and commercial site plan projects which are presented to the Town Planning Board
  • Administer study, planning, design, construction, inspection, and permitting associated with various Town infrastructure, drainage improvement, and environmental projects
  • Investigate various public works, street lighting, and drainage related problems and complaints, and coordinate Town assistance, as appropriate
  • Assist residents by responding to questions and meeting various needs on items such as utility information, subdivisions, construction projects, special district taxes, and providing directions
  • Perform computerized drafting and data entry to keep Town Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and associated databases up-to-date, and maintain hardware and software utilized for such
  • Make copies of various Town maps and drawings requested by residents, developers, engineering consultants, and other Town departments
  • Conduct special district assessment activities and enter appropriate required information onto the tax rolls
  • Oversee the Town's development and implementation of a stormwater management program in compliance with the requirements of the Federal and State Phase II Stormwater Regulations
  • Prepare and submit grant applications for engineering related Federal and State funding programs to help relieve the tax burden on Town property owners, and provide necessary administration and oversight of such financial assistance after it is received by the Town
  • Work closely with the Town Board, Planning Board, Town advisory committees, and other Town departments to ensure good communication, coordinate activities, exchange technical advice, resolve problems, and provide productive service to the public
  • Maintain coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York State (NYS) Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Transportation, NYS Thruway Authority, Erie County Water Authority, Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, Erie County Highway Department, and local utility companies to ensure continued efficient operation and maintenance of all infrastructure systems and related services throughout the Town of Hamburg