Town residents are responsible to contract their own weekly garbage collection. There are two companies that have licenses to pick up garbage in the Town of Hamburg:

  • Waste Management: 716-496-5000
  • Modern Disposal: 800-330-7107

Brush & Large Trash Pickup

Leaf Pick Up

The Town of Hamburg Highway Department offers a number of services to help residents dispose of their brush and rubbish in a timely and environmentally conscious manner. The department normally has two crews move through the town from March until September collecting residential brush. These crews also pick up bagged leaves during the fall. In addition, town crews conduct a special tree Christmas tree pickup in January.

The town has a contract with Waste Management to conduct a rubbish pickup once a month between April and October. These pickups give residents the opportunity to dispose of up to 100 pounds of rubbish or one large item.

Specific questions about pickups in your area can be answered by the Department's office staff.

Please note: These Brush and Rubbish Pickups are not available to residents of the Villages of Hamburg and Blasdell.

Large Trash - Items to Be Picked Up

  • Bagged leaves/trimmings (5 bags)
  • Bundled brush - tied and bundled in 4 feet lengths
  • Containerized loose rubbish items
  • Furniture (one piece)
  • Mattress and box spring
  • Metal
  • Railroad/landscape ties
  • Refrigeration units - Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, etc. (with or without Freon removed)
  • Rugs
  • Stacked wood
  • White goods (appliances, hot water tanks - one item)

Limitations / Requirements

  • 100 pound limit per residential household - 50 pounds per container
  • Items cut to four foot lengths (excluding furniture)
  • Able to be easily lifted by two men

Items Not Picked Up

  • Animal fecal material
  • Dead animals
  • Electronic waste (i.e. televisions, computers)
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Municipal solid wastes (garbage)
  • Steel drums
  • Tires
  • Unbundled brush
  • Waste Oil

Additional Responsibilities

The Town of Hamburg Highway Department performs numerous secondary tasks, in addition to the primary responsibilities of Road Maintenance, Snow Removal, Drainage, and Brush/Rubbish Pickup.

The department is responsible for maintenance of right-of-ways for safety and beautification purposes. This includes cutting brush and removal of trees where necessary.

The department works with the Town Board to alleviate off road, backyard, and side yard problems when many residents are involved. We also regularly clean drop inlets as part of our drainage system maintenance.

The department responds to notices of excavation given by the Underground Facilities Protective Organization, protecting underground lines from damage.

The department maintains its own fleet of over 50 vehicles and a large tool inventory. The department's own mechanic shop conducts its own state vehicle inspections and 90% of its own vehicle repairs. Small engine repair, carpentry, and welding work is also completed by the department.