What will the Comprehensive Plan cover?

The Comprehensive Plan will present the community's collective vision for the next 15 years, as expressed through a Vision Statement and Goals and Objectives. The plan will gather information and evaluate conditions versus needs and also recommend specific actions and recommendations. The plan will also consider and be designed to be as consistent as possible with other regional planning documents including the Erie-Niagara Framework for Regional Growth (2006); the Regional Economic Development Council's (REDC) A Strategy for Prosperity in Western New York (2011, with annual Progress Report updates); the Western New York Regional Sustainability Plan (2012); and One Region Forward: A New Way to Plan for Buffalo-Niagara (2014).

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1. Why do we need a Comprehensive Plan?
2. Who is leading the development of the Comprehensive Plan?
3. How can I get involved?
4. What will the Comprehensive Plan cover?