What can I expect when calling for assistance?

When you call the Town of Hamburg Public Safety Dispatch for assistance, a Dispatcher will be asking you pertinent questions regarding your problem. In an effort to dispatch the right type of assistance to you, please listen to the questions the Dispatcher is asking.

  1. Where is the problem occurring?
  2. What is the problem?
  3. When did the problem occur or is it in progress?
  4. You may be asked if there are any life hazards or hazards such as weapons involved or physical descriptions of subjects involved.
  5. Please cooperate with the Dispatcher, this will ensure the quickest dispatch of help to your location.
  6. The Dispatcher will also ask for your name, address and phone number in case the responding help has questions and we need to get back in contact with you.
  7. If you are calling for an Ambulance, we provide Emergency Medical Dispatch.
  8. This program has the Dispatcher asking scripted questions that are pertinent to your complaint, from the answers, this allows us to dispatch the correct equipment to your emergency
  9. Please understand that while one Dispatcher is asking you these questions, the Ambulance is being dispatched.

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