Death Certificates

The death certificate may be obtained through the city, town or village in which the event took place

A certified copy or a certified transcript of a death certificate may be issued:

  1. To the spouse, parent or child of the deceased
  2. To the lawful representative of the spouse, parent or child of the deceased
  3. To a person with a New York State court order issued on a showing of necessity

If the request is made by someone other than the spouse, parent or child of the deceased, the application or letter must be accompanied by supporting documents establishing a legal right or claim to obtain a certified copy/transcript, or a judicial or other proper purpose to obtain a certification

Death certificates are $10 per copy.

Before receiving a death certificate a request form must be filled out at the Town Clerk's office and the requesting party must present proof of identity.

Send completed form, along with proof of identity and relation to the individual, and a check made out to the Hamburg Town Clerk in the amount of $10.