Tee Times

Course Opening Date

Weather permitting/conditions of the course May 1st will be the opening date for 18 Mile Creek Golf Couse.

Make a Tee Time

Please email the Golf Course with any questions.

Par Subscription

  • Par Subscription is free and affords 1-day advance booking privileges.
  • Eagle Subscription is $15 for the season and affords 7-day advance booking privileges.
  • Eagle Subscription is included in the cost of any 2023 season pass and will activate immediately.
  • All 2022 Tee Time system accounts have been carried over to and are active for the 2023 season as a Par Subscription (1 day advance booking). Must upgrade to Eagle Subscription if desired.
  • Anyone not already in the tee time system must first create a Par Subscription by going to 18 Mile Creek Golf Course - Online Booking (foreupsoftware.com).
  • Any Par member already in foreUP wishing to upgrade to Eagle Subscription can do so by;
    • Purchasing online by clicking ActiveNet - Online Recreation Activities (activecommunities.com). (may need to create Activenet account; additional $2 service charge applied for online registration). If purchasing online, please allow 48 hours for Eagle account to be activated.
    • Registering at the Town of Hamburg Recreation offices (4540 Southwestern Boulevard; Monday through Friday; 8:30 am 5 pm) prior to the golf course opening on April 9
    • Visiting golf course once open for the season (April 10). Registrations can be done there any time we're open for regular business.