Shoreline Revitalization Committee


The committee usually has 4 to 6 evening meetings during the year.


The Shoreline Revitalization Committee was established in 1986 to review and discuss issues and proposed projects involving the Lake Erie waterfront area of the Town of Hamburg. The committee also serves as the advisory body for overseeing the Town's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. The committee members are appointed annually by the Town Board, and are comprised of concerned citizens representing different areas of the Town's waterfront, and having varied backgrounds and professions. The Town Engineering Department assists the committee members in providing technical guidance and updates on the status of proposed and ongoing projects in the waterfront area.


  • Randy Hoak
  • Beth Farrell Lorentz
  • Mark Melewski
  • Bill Clark
  • Joe Kilian
  • Laura Hahn
  • Paul Dewald
  • James Tater III
  • Lynn Rudnicki
  • Leona Rockwood
  • Sam Insalaco
  • Hank Kleinfelder
  • Bob Elardo
  • Dave Woelfling
  • Bill Mayer
  • Kim Finley
  • Daniel Keefe
  • Nicole Friedenberg
  • Elizabeth O'Donnell
  • Margaret VanArsdale
  • Cynthia Brockman
  • Lynda Zglinicki
  • Denise Caggiano
  • Audrey Zybala
  • Patty Watson
  • Donna Gonser
  • Ron Klimowicz
  • Paul Engler
  • Gloria Engler