Records Office

The Police Records Office currently employs 2 full-time Police Clerks who are responsible for maintaining records, entering police reports and handling all walk-in requests from the public. Services provided by the Police Records Office include:

  • Provide copies of Accident and Incident Reports - person requesting the report must supply valid ID and be named on the report.
  • Provide copies of Accident Reports to insurance companies.
  • Impound vehicle releases - present valid proof of ownership, either title or vehicle registration, must be released to a licensed driver. Impounds for DWI arrests are on hold for 12 hours from time of arrest per NY State law.
  • Issue MV-78B form for lost, stolen or confiscated license plates
  • Process all paperwork from the Town of Hamburg Court including warrants, summonses and subpoenas
  • Maintain records and gather statistics for Auto Accidents, warrants, DWI arrests, and crime reports
  • Process Solicitor Permits - issue applications and conduct thorough background checks for all applicants
  • Criminal background checks done for employment, military, pistol permits, and other government affiliates with proper identification or a signed waiver/release authorization.
  • Notifications to local utility companies for street lights out in the Town of Hamburg
  • Enter police reports for walk-in complaints and screen for information whether to refer to detectives or patrol

Questions concerning the Records Office can be directed to 716-648-5111, ext 2512.

Regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7 am to 4 pm. Call 716-648-5111, ext 2502 for holiday and weekend availability.