Community Policing / Crime Prevention Unit

Community Policing

The Town of Hamburg Police Department is committed to the concept of Community Policing. The philosophy of our Department is to foster a partnership and work with the community toward a common goal of crime prevention and safe neighborhoods.

The goal of community policing is to reduce crime and disorder by carefully examining the characteristics of problems in neighborhoods and then applying appropriate problem solving remedies. Effective community policing depends on optimizing positive contact between patrol officers and community members. Patrol cars are only one method of conveying police services. The Town of Hamburg Police supplements automobile patrols with foot, bicycle, motorcycle, UTV and watercraft. Additionally, the Department is utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Code Red Reverse 911 system to disseminate pertinent information to our residents.

Establishing and maintaining mutual trust is the central goal of community policing. The Town of Hamburg Police Department recognizes the need for cooperation with the community. In the fight against crime, the department has encouraged community members to come forward with relevant information. In addition, the Police department has spoken to neighborhood groups, participated in civic events; worked with social agencies and have taken part in educational and recreational programs for school children.

Adopt a School Program

A new program we are developing will place officers in our elementary schools. This "Adopt a School Program" will link an officer with a respective elementary school. The officer will serve as a liaison between the school and the Police Department. The officer will provide presentations, periodically visit the school, and work with the school to identify current issues and/or problems.

Through community policing, the police become an integral part of the community culture and the community assists in defining future priorities and in allocating resources. Community policing is, in essence, collaboration between the police and community that identifies and solves community problems. All members of the community become allies in the effort to enhance the safety and quality of neighborhoods.

Crime Prevention Unit

Our Crime Prevention Unit consists of dedicated officers who are trained in implementing various programs as well as planning and providing annual events for citizens. If you are interested in improving the quality of life in your neighborhood or would like more information on the following programs please call 716-649-6111, ext. 2602 or email the Crime Prevention Unit.


  • "Adopt a School " Program
  • Current Drug Trends Presentation
  • National Night Out
  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Police Department Tours
  • PTA Presentations
  • Safe School Program
  • School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • Stranger Danger Program
  • Surveillance Camera Registry (PDF)