Domestic Violence

The mission of the Office is to facilitate advocacy for families within the Town of Hamburg experiencing domestic violence through coordinated effort, crisis intervention, and supportive agency referrals.

The Town of Hamburg opened the Domestic Violence Office in 2003 due to the large, increasing number of domestic violence calls handled by its' police department. A Domestic Violence Advocate is available weekdays to identify and recommend services for victims of domestic abuse, assisted by a part-time Clerk who supports in the daily functions of the office.


Find a local domestic violence agency and/or after hours assistance.


Call the police if you need immediate help!

Call at the time of the incident, if possible.

If you report after the incident has occurred, do so ASAP. Report the incident to the police in the jurisdiction it occurred in. Please note: Violations of an order of protection (OOP) also get reported in the jurisdiction they occur-even if the OOP was issued out of another town/court.

Orders of Protection

You can request an order of protection in criminal court as part of a criminal action if charges are filed (criminal matter).

You can request an order of protection in family court by filing a family offense petition (civil matter) if there is a familial, marital, current/past intimate dating relationship connection or child(ren) in common.

You can request an order pf protection as part of a Supreme Court action/divorce proceeding (civil matter).

A Note for Safety

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911!

Be aware that computer use, internet activities, and email can be tracked. If you believe someone could possibly be tracking your Internet usage, we recommend deleting your web history after viewing this page.

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No one deserves to be abused. You are not alone.