Legal Notice - 2024 Town County

Tax payment fees apply:

  • Credit 2.5% (Minimum $1.80)
  • Visa debit: $4.00 flat fee
  • E-checks - $2.00 flat fee

Payment Options

Last day to pay taxes without penalty: February 15, 2024 

The Town's Tax Department is located off the main lobby of Town Hall at 6100 South Park Avenue.

Fees apply: Credit 2.5% (Minimum $1.80)- Visa debit $4.00 flat fee; e-checks - $2.00 flat fee.

Tax payments can no longer be made at M&T Branches

Payments will be accepted until February 15, 2024, the final day for payment without penalty. Tax payments can also continue to be made at the Town Clerk's office located in Town Hall, 6100 South Park Avenue.

Inquiries On Tax Payments/Balances

Taxpayers, realtors, attorneys, etc. may inquire on outstanding or paid taxes, for properties within the Town of Hamburg:
Town of Hamburg payment website
Phone: 716-649-6111, ext. 2346
Email Town Clerk

Partial Payments

Town and County and School Tax Collection - Multiple property tax payments can be made in any denomination. After the due date, penalty and interest will be applied to the unpaid balance according to the penalty schedule located on the back of the tax bill.

End of Town Tax Season

The Tax Office will accept payments for the Town/County taxes through June 30th, 2023, Likewise, the School payments will be accepted through November 30th, 2023. All payments after these dates, for each respective tax season, must be forwarded to the following address:
Erie County Real Property
Director of Budget, Management and Finance
95 Franklin Street
Suite 100
Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: 716-858-8333

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts may be obtained online on our tax payment website.

Night Depository

Please note the tax office does accept tax payments via the Town Hall's night depository, which is located at the front entrance. This depository is cleared of all payments at midnight (midnight on the 15th of February and midnight on the 15th of October) for those paying taxes without penalty.


To avoid penalties, taxes must be paid by February 15th (Town/County) and October 15th (School). Mailed payments are accepted without penalty, if the envelope has a USPS postmark of the date above for the respective month noted above. There can be "NO EXCEPTIONS" given this is enforced by New York State Real Property law.

Penalties are assessed as described on the back of the respective tax bills.